Countdown To North Country Irish Road Bowling Tournament

Looking for a fun night out with friends and family? Here’s your chance to try the new sport taking the North Country by storm…Irish Road Bowling. Irish Road Bowling is pretty simple sport. A two (or more) person team roll a 28 oz steel bowl (cannon ball) along a 1 mile paved course. The team with the fewest throws wins! There’s a couple incidental rules along the way but as we said…it’s pretty darn simple but lordy is it fun! Please start passing the word! $10 for the ball and $5 a player (feel free to bring your own ball if you have one). Teams can be made up of men and women and people of different race, faiths etc are welcome. Oh and bring the kids…they’re great for chasing down the bowl. Funds raised go to charity. We suggest you get to the course a bit early to get signed up, Check us out on Facebook at Email us at f

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